BioSwing Dynamics

New Swing coaching for YOU!

Swing the way you are comfortable with, and achieve  results.

"BioSwing Dynamics bridges the gaps between teaching, coaching and science. It takes the guesswork out of determining how a golfer should optimally swing. It allows us to bring efficiency of motion in an injury free environment to a students golf swing": Mike Adams and E.A. Tischler.

The BioSwing Dynamics approach to learning and coaching was founded by Mike Adams and E.A.Tischler with over 30 years of research. They have identified 12 structural influences  that help identify why golfers have unique and specific pattersn within their swing technique.

The 4 step process allows Dennise to coach and improve your swing, unique  to your natural body tendency, utilising evaluation of video tapes, Flightscope tracking, and nine (9) areas of body dominance.e.g. Swing plane, hip speed, range of motion, and more.

The evaluation is followed by a program to optimise performance.

This sessions   are  essential for anyone looking to learn to play, improve their golf game and establish a rock solid foundation.

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Dennise is an accredited Level 2 coach for BioSwing, one of only 6 in Australia.

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