iSeek Golf: On Course Coaching


Bonnie Doon head teaching professional Dennise Hutton demonstrates how to avoid under-clubbing on approach shots.  

One of the biggest challenges I see to scoring, most golfers are under-clubbing. 

They actually don't know how far they hit each club. 

They know how far they hit their very best shot, but not their average. Look at this situation here on the second hole at Bonnie Doon. 

We've got bunkers at the front, right and left, and there's no problems past that, so what we need to do is make sure we take enough club to get up there. We want to be planning for our mishit, not our career shot. 

So I'm going to take a little extra club to make sure that I'm up past the bunkers. 

So it's 135 [metres], I'm going to play my 140 [metre] club to make sure I get there. So, it's vital to know how far you're hitting it and always take a little bit extra. 

All the trouble on golf courses is generally short, so be up, know your yardages.

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