iSeek Golf: How to practice with a purpose


The tip for this week is how to use your time efficiently with purposeful practice. 

One great way to practice your chipping is the nine-hole challenge. 

The goal of this challenge is to use one ball, chip it to a hole and putt out just as you would have to do on the golf course. 

It’s simulating pressure.  

So once you’ve putted out, you pick a brand new spot, go to a different hole, repeat the same process. 

You may even need to change your club like I’m going to do here now. 

So I have a longer chip, and then I’ll go and I’ll putt that out, then I go another hole, I repeat this nine times recording my score. I want to simulate what it’s like on the golf course. 

 You’ll set a target score, you’ll make that target score, then you can leave this game.

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