iSeek Golf: Bunker Basics

 The tip for this week, basics of getting out of the bunker.

So what we have here is my training aid, you can't draw these lines when you're playing in a competition. 

So I have a line through the ball with a little [circle] around it, so it's a T-bar.

My stance is just going to be running parallel and then all I'm going to do is turn my left foot out 45 degrees and let the weight go forward with my bottom half. 

I don't want the weight going forward with everything because then my handle will come too far forward and I'll start digging in.

So, left foot turned out, weight over, so now the end of the club is pointing more towards my belly button, I'm really bent down and all I'm going to do is swing up and down this line here, the target line, I'm not trying to cut across it.

So I swing up, and I'm going to make sure my club hits the sand, not the ball, I don't want to feel the ball, I just want the sand to go out.

Let's have a go, swing back and through.

Not the best, but out.

Remember, what we're after, is getting out of this hazard, this bunker.

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