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Professional golfers recognise the foundations of performance. For decades, touring professionals have insisted that manufacturer’s custom fit their
clubs, the tools of their demanding trade, to their specific body types and swing motions. Tournament players and club pros understand that consistent results are not possible without an unshakeable confidence in their equipment.

Customised equipment provides that confidence. It's a given; they wouldn't dream of buying mass-produced clubs off the rack.

For 21 years, Henry-Griffitts has asked, "Why should you?"

Henry-Griffitts, Inc. was founded on the premise that players of all abilities tangibly benefit from custom-fitted golf equipment. Since 1983, this Hayden, Idaho-based firm has delivered more than the world's premier fitted clubs - it has continually delivered the confidence that golfers of all abilities seek.

Henry-Griffitts knows what golf professionals have always known: On-course performance is maximised when clubs are custom fit, then meticulously manufactured to the tightest specifications in golf. Because it delivers these foundations of performance, Henry-Griffitts delivers confidence. Club Fitting is an important part of teaching golf as correctly fitted golf clubs allow people to do their best balancing swing.

Dennise Hutton was the first woman to qualify as a Henry Griffitts golf club fitter in Australia.

So, who is Henry Griffitts? Henry-Griffitts Inc was founded in 1983 by two Idaho golf professionals who were intent on making golf more enjoyable through club fitting. Randy Henry, long interested in golf club design and Jim Griffitts (now deceased), highly respected head professional of the exclusive Hayden Lake Country Club, developed a precision club fitting system to make customised clubs for golfers.

The company today has factories located in Idaho in the USA and the Gold Coast in Australia where every club is manufactured by hand for fitting locations worldwide.

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