Golf Coaching & Lessons

When you work with Dennise, over time you will cover all aspects of the swing to improve power accuracy and consistency..As you progress through the training you will be instructed on how to practice, play the course, analyse your rounds for areas of improvement. You will understand and apply the mental tools that allow for greater achievement so  you can  understand your swing enabling you to gain results and game enjoyment.One hour lessons can now also include the use of advanced Flightscope technology.

Dennise is also a certified  Level 2 BioSwing Dynamics coach and an AimPoint green reading  coach

Plus  Dennise is certified for : MySwing  3D motion capture technology.

Dennise offers Private Lessons as well as regular specialist clinics (groups of up to 6) , and a wide range of golfing packages.  On course tuition is also available for groups of 2—4.

Monthly Coaching Subscription Package. ( minimum 3 month period)

$245 per month ; 5 hours coaching per month

 1 x 3 hour playing lesson and 1 x 2 hour coaching session. ( max 4 attendees)

Terms and conditions apply, call Dennise for more information.

Scoring Package $720  8 sessions 

2 x on course sessions @ Bonnie Doon Golf Club

2 x coaching sessions @ Bonnie Doon Golf Club 

4 x 30 minute private instruction.Either Barton Park Range or Bonnie Doon GC

Work on Specific skills including; warm up, on course strategy and situational learning, game strategy, inside 90 metres, ball carry and scoring, around the greens. Use of latest Flightscope and FOCUS technology.

Swing Package  $720  8 sessions

2 x on course sessions at Bonnie Doon Golf Club

 6 x 30 minute swing instruction Either Barton Park Range or Bonnie Doon GC

Includes play assessment , situational learning and strategy, plus swing instruction.

On Course Coaching; Min 3 players; $195 pp

Dennise Hutton teaches at the following locations:

Barton Park Golf facility:  Tuesday ,Friday and Saturday. BOOK now Online . 

Bonnie Doon Golf Club: Tuesday , Wednesday and Thursday. and Sundays, by appointment.

Not sure of the  range of coaching on offer ?  contact Dennise using the Contact us web page..

Want to combine Golf and a Holiday? See the  Golf School page to see the range of destinations and dates for a Dennise Hutton Play and Stay golf experience with clinics and on course tuition.